Semi-Hard Cheese Knife
Semi-Hard Cheese Knife

Semi-Hard Cheese Knife

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Boska Holland® has also come up with something for semi-hard cheeses. This special cheese knife makes cutting through semi-hard cheeses as easy as pie. It’s all made possible by the semi-high blade. It’s a smart solution that enables you to get the desired results with minimal effort.

Higher handle

You’ll have more than enough room for your hand while cutting thanks to the higher handle. It’s a wonderful, handy knife that will stand by your side for many years to come. If you’re not strong, you’ve got to be smart. That’s exactly what sets this semi-hard cheese knife apart.

Clean and clear for every cheese specialist

It’s wonderful to work with this smart solution by Boska. The dishwasher will gladly do the washing up for you. However, it's better to wash this knife by hand in order to preserve its quality.

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