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Heart Knife for Divide-O-Matic

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The Heart Knife for the Divide-O-Matic and Freshpack Cutting Unit was specially designed to remove the heart from a whole wheel of cheese. The heart of the cheese is the most delicious piece of the cheese. By first removing the heart, you're left with the remaining wheel of cheese. Now, you can cut it into perfect pieces to sell to your customers. Your cutting waste is minimal with this cutting method. 

Cutting method

By first cutting the heart out of the cheese, you can then cut perfect pieces with the Straight Knife. First of all, this makes it easier for the customer to cut cheese slices at home. But secondly, the piece of cheese also appears to be bigger than it really is. This makes customers feel like they're getting more cheese for a lower price.


Complete set

If you purchase the Divide-O-Matic cheese cutter or the Freshpack cutting unit, you have to order the knives separately. Order this fantastic Straight Knife and the Divide-O-Matic Heart Knife. Get the complete set, and you'll be good to go for many years to come!

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