Crystal Cheese Paper
Crystal Cheese Paper

Crystal Cheese Paper

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Looking for a high-performing paper to wrap your delicate soft and semi-soft cheeses? Crystal cheese paper is the right way to go.

Thanks to its porosity and its capacity to manage moisture, Crystal paper has proven to maintain the cheese's original flavor and the rind in perfect condition for a longer time.

Each package contains 500 sheets.

see-through paper

Why Crystal Cheese Paper?

How you can improve shelf live, value, and branding with one simple solution.

cheese wrapped

See-thru and reveal the rind

Thanks to its transparency, Crystal paper makes it possible to highlight the original or colored rinds and thus clearly see the cheese aspect before the purchase.


Honor the artisan cheese

The amazing work done by the artisan cheesemakers deserves to be protected and delivered to your client. Once wrapped in Crystal, the cheese will still hold its flavor, texture, and appearance on the table.

cheese on top of cheese paper


The five stars experience

Do what you do best, and let us handle the rest.

Let us keep an eye on your paper reserve. We'll notify you when you should restock.

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