Alu Sulfu blue cheese paper
Roll of Alu Sulfu

Roll of Alu Sulfu

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Roll width x length
Looking for the perfect solution to wrap blue cheese properly?
Look no further.
This thick matte aluminum film creates a barrier to protect from light and gas exchange.
A clean and sturdy professional wrapping solution to keep your blue cheeses and butter fresher, longer.


Comes in a large roll (see sizes for lengths).

Why Specialty Cheese Paper?

Improve shelf life, value and promote your expertise with a straightforward solution

moisture control

Moisture Control

Specialty cheese paper allows an exchange of oxygen but prevents moisture from escaping. Thanks to a thin sheet of porous plastic on the inside, the paper wicks away any condensation that might build up on the cheese surface.


Leave an impression

Create a strong impact on your customers while offering a premium experience and showcase your extensive knowledge and fabulous cheeses.

cheese wrapped


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