Soft Cheese Knife
Soft Cheese Knife
Soft Cheese Knife
Soft Cheese Knife
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Want to cut bloomy rind cheeses with ease? Then this soft cheese knife, with its white handle, is the perfect knife for you. The narrow 140 mm blade keeps the cheese from sticking to your knife. Thanks to the white handle, you'll know at first glance which cheeses this knife is meant for!

Practical and hygienic

The handle is placed higher on the blade for practical reasons. This way, your hand will be free of the cheese and your cutting board while you're cutting. The white color indicates that this knife is meant for bloomy rind cheeses. Each cheese has its own specific color. Complete your collection with the blue version for blue cheeses and the red version for washed rind cheeses.

Bloomy rind cheeses

The cheese knife is dishwasher safe. However, do you want to preserve its quality for as long as possible? Then we'd advise you to wash it by hand. The white soft cheese knife is a trusty partner for every cheese professional who works with bloomy rind cheeses!
Available in the following versions: red for washed rind cheeses, white for bloomy rind cheeses, and blue for blue cheeses.

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