Cheese Slicer Milano +
Cheese Slicer Milano +
Cheese Slicer Milano +

Cheese Slicer Milano +

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The Cheese Slicer Milano has been renewed and improved and is now the Cheese Slicer Milano+.
With the Cheese Slicer Milano+ you determine the thickness of your cheese slices yourself! This slicer is extra non-stick, very affordable and dishwasher safe. With one smooth movement, you can make the most delicious slices of semi-hard and hard cheese. The slicer is also suitable for cucumber, asparagus and other vegetables.


Variable slice thickness

Do you prefer thick or thin slices of cheese? With this cheese slicer, you decide how thick you make the slices. Is the slice too thick? Then bend the large slicer blade slightly backwards. Do you want the slice of cheese to be slightly thicker? Then move the blade a bit forward.


User-friendly slicer

This cheese slicer is very easy to use. The teeth on the slicer blade and the non-stick finish ensure less resistance during slicing. This makes the slicing of the tastiest cheeses very easy. The sturdy, improved and extra long handle is wonderfully comfortable to hold.


Dishwasher safe

Because the cheese knife is made of plastic and stainless steel, it can simply go right into the dishwasher. Cleaning it is a breeze and it is quickly ready to be used again. Which cheese are you going to use to first test this cheese slicer?

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