Cheese Chopper Pro
Cheese Chopper Pro
Cheese Chopper Pro
Cheese Chopper Pro
Cheese Chopper Pro
Cheese Chopper Pro
Cheese Chopper Pro
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The Cheese Chopper Pro is the wire cutter for cheese specialists.

This cutter cuts every type of cheese down to size and is especially suited to soft cheeses. What makes this cutter so exceptional is the special mechanism behind the wire. It has an improved guidance mechanism, thus reducing the chances of wire breakage and increasing the ease of cutting in one smooth movement.

The ergonomic grip makes the sturdy wire easy to handle, and the wire length is optimized for ease of use. Boska also devoted extra attention to the replacement of the wire. It can be easily replaced by one of the six spare wires included if it happens to break. Just pop it in – no tools required.

The Cheese chopper Pro is equipped with an anti-slip base to drift around on a smooth work surface. You can choose from two types of feet enclosed in the package: rubber and suction cups. The device has a compact shape, and the positioning of the feet can be adjusted, which allows it to fit on virtually every counter. The frame is made of super thick plastic, and it has stainless steel wires, making it extremely durable, strong, food-safe, and dishwasher-safe. In short – it’s super convenient.


  • Compact wire cutter suitable for all cheeses.

  • New guidance mechanism – less wire breakage, and it’s easier to cut.

  • Easy wire replacement.

  • Includes two types of anti-slip feet.

  • Fits on every counter.

  • Includes six spare wires.

  • Made of super-strong plastic, so it’s durable.

  • Dishwasher-safe.


Made to order

To ensure sustainable production, our Professional Cheese Cutting Machines are made on-demand in Europe. Please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your brand new tools made just for you.

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