Maasdammer replicas
Maasdammer replicas
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This replica of the super recognizable Maasdammer is so close to the real thing. It's a replica, but you could easily be tricked into cutting out a piece of it. You can draw even more attention to the authentically Dutch Maasdammer thanks to this lookalike. That will stimulate extra sales!


Diameter: 360mm

Show ‘em what you've got

The Maasdammer is a delicious Dutch cheese. By stylishly presenting the replica, you'll get your customers in the mood for cheese. Give your favorite cheeses the attention they deserve. Show ‘em what you've got.


One-time purchase

This unique Boska cheese replica is easy to clean and pretty much indestructible. The replica is a lightweight and simple one-time purchase. It'll make a big difference!



You'll want to take a bite out of them; that's how realistic our cheese replicas are.

Make an impressive and professional shop display with these dependable "look-alikes"; ideal to present more cheese while keeping a limited stock. The case stays 

Made to order

To ensure sustainable production, Prestige Collection cheeses are made on-demand in Europe. Please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your brand new replica made just for you.