Cheesemonger cheese paper

The Basics : How to Choose the Right Cheese Paper Size?

First things first, why should you choose the perfect size of cheese paper?
It may be a basic question, but it's definitely a good start.


Lower packaging cost
Each size matches exactly your needs, which means you don't have to pay for the paper you don't need. This brings us to our next topic...

Less waste
The right size means that you don't throw away money and resources. It's good for your pocket and the planet. Win-win!

Better look
Extra layers of paper tucked under each other are not ideal. The right size of cheese paper will cover the piece of cheese properly and neatly.




Now, what should you get?


Because cheeses come in various shapes and sizes, we suggest purchasing 3 to 4 different cheese paper sizes. That way, you'll always have the one handy for the job.



Now, how to select the right paper size? We surely have our own fancy mathematical formulas but let's keep it simple. The rule of thumb is… about 2.5 x the size of the cheese.

Now that you know which sizes you need, you can start thinking about what kind of cheese paper will fit your needs.