Get an efficient workflow in your cheese shop

Get an efficient workflow in your cheese shop

To enhance the fluidity of work and avoid the multiplication of trips in your cheese shop.

Cash register, a strategic hub

Where to position the cash register in your shop? Two approaches are to be preferred depending on the configuration of your place.

  • At the very back of the store

Persuade the customer to browse through the entire shop and give him the temptation of a final impulse purchase, for example, in front of the fresh cheese or grocery supplies. This is a configuration very often adopted in shops operating in back-selling schemes, where the cash register is located in the extension of the main window.

  • Or close to the exit

This configuration is rather preferred in front-selling schemes: the consumer walks more naturally in the store than in the back-selling schemes, where he tends to spontaneously take the line in front of the main window.

Easily accessible knives

Under the eyes, at hand, and always tidy! Knives should always be located in the immediate vicinity of your countertops. Magnetic supports attached to the wall (with strong magnets) are a very practical solution for hanging them. A reminder: avoid (as a precaution), sharp knives, prefer square-tipped models. A colored handle, different according to use, makes it possible to gain speed. Also remember to hang the metal wires on hooks according to their length (40, 60, 80, 100mm ...) rather than storing them in a drawer.

A sink close to you

The sink must be non-manual controlled (knee operated, foot pedal or motion sensor...) and be joined by a soap dispenser and single-use paper towels. Towels and tea towels, which remain wet (bacteria will proliferate), are to be avoided.

It is difficult to work with a single sink: for reasons of practicality and fluidity of work, the cheesemaker must have it in the immediate vicinity of his countertops, often behind the cash register. But also in the lab, in the back room. Unless you want to spend your time going back and forth (in fact you must wash your hands after each customer), it is better to see double to make your life easier.

Source: Profession Fromager