Base for the Cheese Blocker
Base for the Cheese Blocker

Base for the Cheese Blocker

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Want to set a new record in cutting cheese cubes? You can definitely pull it off with the Cheese Blocker! Order the corresponding cutting frames separately, and you're good to go. It's perfect for semi-hard cheeses that can maintain their structure. Imagine a Dutch cheese, feta, or alpine cheeses. You can cut blocks of cheese (without rinds) into symmetrical cubes with a few simple hand movements.

Cutting method

Thanks to this fantastic cheese cutter, you'll be done in just a couple of minutes. It also minimizes your cutting waste and cuts the cubes into the precise size you desire. This means that you'll also know exactly how many cubes you cut and, for example, how many customers tasted a cube of your cheese.

The perfect partner

It's a heavily used product in supermarket cheese departments and cheese specialty stores. The wires in the device are easy to install and easy to replace. By clicking the elements free, the device is extremely easy to clean!

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